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Hey Chelsea, my name is Kristy Burton I am currently a student at the University of South Alabama. This week I was lucky enough to get assigned to your blog. I am so happy that you found someone who seems to really care about you. There are not too many people in the world who find love so early in their life. It sounds to me like you both have and awesome and honest relationship. I wish you both the best of luck. Keep up the good work this was a well written blog. Good luck in school and thanks for allowing me into your blog.

Hey Shaun, My name is Kristy I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I was lucky enough to get assigned to your post this week. I loved you example with the two runners. Next time you make a video try to have whoever is filming at a better angle so everyone can see what your whiteboard says. Also just try to speak a little louder so we can hear you clearly. Keep up the great work, good luck with the rest of school year.

Hey Jessica, I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently going to school to become a physical education teacher. I was lucky enough to be invited to view your blog this week. Your background is very creative, and fun. Goldilocks and the three bears was one of my favorite stories growing up. Thanks for letting me visit your blog. Have a great day and keep up the great work.

Hey, my name is Kristy I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I was lucky enough to get to comment on your post. I really enjoyed your picture. This was a very creative ebook keep up the great work.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

blog post #6

What questions do we ask? How do we ask?
Questions are a very important when becoming a teacher . We have to be able to ask our students questions that challenge them . It’s a very important role for us to be able to plan ahead to know the questions we will ask. Taking our time to allow the students to think about how they will answer is important. Blooms taxonomy chart was helpful in understanding the best way to ask questions.

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?
This article three ways to ask better questions in the classroom is very helpful. It gives you three simple ways to improve question asking skills in the classroom. You have to be careful when asking questions so you don’t offend your students and can end up doing more harm them good. Try to prepare your questions, play with questions, and preserve the good questions.

Prepare your questions?
We as teachers make have to make sure we are actually prepared for our students to ask questions don’t let them see you unprepared. Most students will ask questions off of impulse. IF we prepare ahead of time it will allow us to have plenty of time to think these question through. We not only want to ask questions but we want to have questions that will improve our students thinking. IF you are asking the wrong questions you will notice because no students will attempt to answer.

Play with Questions
Leaving questions unanswered just to come back to the same question later in your lecture is a great way to keep students involved. It gives them just enough time to fully understand the question that is being asked. It will also allow them to make notes and get ideas about what you have actually asked so they can answer the question fully . Using space or time between a question allows your kids to challenge themselves to get better.

Preserve the good questions.
Letting your students ask good questions should always be allowed but when you have a student ask a good question your should write it down and save it for future use. That way you have these questions available for future use. This also give you the chance to bring up these questions in future lectures. We always need to encourage our students to ask questions because if they don’t ask they will never know.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

C4T #1

Sept-1-13 C4T 1

I was assigned to Jonesytheteacher's blog Having a crack at putting PE in the 21st C I got to read his post Building bridges this post was mostly about using games with learning he said" I learned that persistence pays off; failure is a part of learning; that sometimes the way to solve a problem that seems most obvious isn't always the most efficient (or fun) way to get there; that finding a shortcut isn’t always called cheating; and, relationships matter – there are people out there that can help you if you get stuck. Pretty much the sort of things that I want my kids to discover about life both at home and in class. “ Mr. Jonesy really loves to involve his students when coming up with his lesson plans he takes a different approach then most teachers I am certain this will pay off in a positive way for his students. It was an awesome post I would recommend to anyone.

Hey, Mr. Jonesy I am a student from the University Of South Alabama. I am currently trying to earn my degree to become a Physical Education teacher. I was lucky enough to get assigned to your blog this week and truly enjoyed this post. This is a very interesting idea and seems like a lot of fun the best part is how you are allowing the students to be such a big part of this. “I learned that persistence pays off; failure is a part of learning; that sometimes the way to solve a problem that seems most obvious isn’t always the most efficient (or fun) way to get there; that finding a shortcut isn’t always called cheating; and, relationships matter – there are people out there that can help you if you get stuck." This is so true and this is one of the many reasons I want to become a Physical Education teacher being able to teach students through games and activities. One of the hardest things for me to learn growing up was learning how to lose or fail. The best part of failing is the motivation it gives you to keep trying and do better next time. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog.

Blog Post #4

Langwitches: 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audiobook,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42080656,d.eWU&biw=1366&bih=621&wrapid=tlif136054705250010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=9kwYUeu2CIi29QSmxYG4BA#um=1&hl=en&tbo=d&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=kids+reading&oq=kids+reading&gs_l=img.3..0l10.418100.421028.0.421228.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42080656,d.eWU&fp=1a7e5c5ba860a9ad&biw=1366&bih=649&

This was so cute. I love all of their voices, and how excited they sounded to make there read along audiobook. Honestly some of these kids can read better than me. This is the kind of teaching that really keeps you involved as a student, with all the sound effects and different roles they get to play. I bet still to this day all of these kids remember the story about the "Dinosaurs in the Dark" because they got to make it the story personal to themself. Another positive thing about making an audiobook is how it allows you to work with others. If they are struggling with comprehending the story’s they have their classmates to help them out. Thanks to step by step instructions in the blog on how to use this at home and in classrooms. This will be a tool I would love to use in my classroom.

Langwitches Podcasting with First Grade
Kids Podcasting

After reading this post it really does give you a better understanding of what podcasting can do for kids. It says podcasting helps imporve listening, speacking, presenting, comprehension, storyteling, and much more.
I loved listening to there podcast there voices are so cute. This will also help our kids to be a little more advanced in technology and if first graders can handle i think we all could. This reminds me of being a little kid again; anytime my parents would make a video of me I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would watch it over and over again. Working with elementary students to make a podcast not only helps them learn, it’s a fun way to keep all the children involved. When they get to be a part of making the podcast it makes them want to watch what they accomplished over and over. One of my teachers in second grade recorded us reading every week; then we would watch it and make corrections. This way of teaching was very effective for me because it was entertaining and made me want to work harder to improve so I could look better on the videos. In this project they focused on speaking, storytelling, comprehension, and of course listening. On top of that they got to do it all while learning how to use technology. I can’t wait to figure out ways to use podcast in my classrooms.

Langwitches: Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting

kids listening

This was a very clever way to help teach the students. It made the students record in a random order and then they got to put it together like a puzzle to put the sentences in the correct order. The smartboard still seems to amaze me. With modern day technology the students are able to correct and edit the whole podcast in class on the smartboard. Who new creating a podcast could be so helpful, it helps them in so many ways. They had to work together as a team while working in languages unfamiliar to them. As a teacher I could use a podcast to help improve speaking, writing, leadership, and much more.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

Two stick figures peer editing

Peer Editing
these videos and slide shows were surprisingly helpful. I think the First video Whats Peer Editing?
and the slide show Peer Edit with Perfection! shared a lot of the same information, but were both very informal. Peer editing is never fun. These helpful tips really make it a lot easier to critique someone else’s work, without feeling like you are putting them down. Having to correct a peer’s work is best accomplished by using compliments, suggestions, and then corrections. This seems to be easier said then done for most of us though as you will see in the last video I watched Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes

In this video it reminds us not to be like picky patties in other words don’t be over judgmental. Make sure to take the advice you are given by your peers, and don’t be whatever William take the advice and fix what you have messed up. This humorous video is helpful to remind you of all the different things we over look when being peer review or when your peer editing someone else’s work. All this video’s and slide shows help to give you a better understanding of what is expected of you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blog Post 2

people Dancing
Mr. Dancealot

With this video I think they are trying to prove the point that skills are more important than facts. There is no way these kids can learn to dance by just listening to a lecture. Considering it is a movement in itself this is a subject that needs to be taught through practice and actions rather than just listening. This is a video I feel like I can relate with because not everything is based off of technology. It gives me hope that we can still teach and interact face to face rather than just using modern day technology. I love that we have had so many advancements in technology and think it’s a great idea for us to use technology in most classrooms but this also reminds us that it is important to learn not only from the fact but from our actions.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

In this Video Harness You Students’ Digital Smarts Vikki Davis says “I believe every student can learn every child can learn but where children have trouble is when you only have paper and only pencil then only certain types of students are going to succeed” I couldn’t agree with her more. This is why I believe my major in physical Education in very important to our future society. Everything shouldn’t be based off of notes and test. Teaching different types of life skills through technology and actions is very important. In her class she says she used a lot of different software and technology. This is very important for our students to learn especially with all of our advancements in technology. The one thing I completely disagreed with is the fact that she said she expected her students to Google ever word that they didn’t know instead of teaching children through vocab. To me if you expect your students to Google everything they don’t understand they will never truly understand it because the answer is always there. The problem with this strategy is we can’t pull out Google during an interview and if we were never expected to actually learn the word how could we conversant and achieve greatness without our handy dandy sidekick Google. Blogging is probably my favorite source of technology in the classrooms mostly because it can connect us to different students and learning styles from around the world. I also believe with this exposure it can help to eliminate some of the horrible stereotypes we have about different cultures from around the world. What Vikki is doing is incredible she has really found a great way to connect with her students and educated them in a great way. There should be a class like Vikki’s in every school but we need to remember to teach the skills and not the facts when everything starts to become web based we start to lose sight of reality. Teaching math or chemistry online is a horrible idea. We need to learn to have a happy balance of both technology and hands on learning.

The Networked Student Tyler's Individual

Wendy Drexler explains the education of almost all students in the near future. "The Networked Student" talks about the connection between many students, both in the classroom and worldwide. The "Network Connection" idea is great at the root and helps students connect with more people.

The issue that I have with this method is that it loses connection with the people who are physically near you everyday. Networking brings together masses but does not help the social concept of connection at all. In my opinion there should be a medium found in this "Networked" method of education.

The thought that a classroom does not need a teacher bothers me as well. Even if it is true that this type of teaching does not need a teacher I do not think that completely relying on your own self using the world wide web is a good place to be. Humans are supposed to interact with each other. Learn from the wise and lead those who look up to you. Leaders and followers are two key elements when trying to reach a goal. Those who have the characteristic of leadership should be able to use that for the benefit of others. Teachers are important to the education of students.

Ravens Individual

After watching "Teaching in the 21st Century" by Kevin Roberts, I can see the importance of teaching skills within the classroom. Kevin Roberts sees how technology is becoming a part of our everyday life and wants to utilize it to enhance teaching. Kids use so much technology everyday, but they probably don't even know the full potential of what they can do with their cell phones, laptops, and other devices. The way the world is using technology is growing and expanding. Useless facts will not be important when applying for jobs. Students should be taught skills that they are actually going to use in their adult life. I agree with Robert's view that students should be engaged instead of entertained. I was a little confused about the difference at first, but after watching a video by Doug Johnson I can really see the difference. I found the best explanation was with a line from the video. "Show a kid a movie, you have entertained her for an hour. Give a kid a camera, you'll engage her for a lifetime." This is the attitude that all teachers should have in their classrooms. Instead of telling students the answers to their questions, we should teach them how to find it for themselves.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog post 1

My future class

With me planning on being a high school(9-12) physical education teacher I don’t really see myself using much technology. So it will be hands on type of learning. My main focus would be on teamwork, independence, and of course the fundamentals of different sports and activities. I want my students to be able to leave my classroom at the end of the year with a better understanding of the importance of health and physical education. Seeing that this classroom is in the 21 century I am sure my classroom will still use some sort of technology. In my class I would set up a class blog mostly for the parents and students to interact on. I could see myself using ipad's during the class period to video the student’s fundamentals. With all the advancements in technology I will be able use certain apps such as "Right View Pro" to show the students in slow motion the errors in there fundamentals. These apps will also allow them to see improvements and help others. Other than the blogging, and different apps I really don’t see myself using technology very often maybe for posting games times, and events on a school website.

I hope to give my students fundamentals they can carry on with them through their lifetime. My classroom would be a gym I would I have student records for different weight groups. This would help to motivate each student to want to get there name on the wall. I want to have a bulletin board full of new actives like 5k’s, charity events, sport news, and more. I am not exactly to sure what age level I want to teach yet but I am leaning towards high school or middle school.

Randy Pausch

We charish more money than time as American. If we do the right things we can do much more with our lives if we avoid the wrong things. Our experiances comes with time so we all need experience. Planning is very important in your everyday life. Planing your day as well as your schedual is important but sometimes you have to change your plan. Have a to do list but make sure you get the ugliest thing done first that way its easier to accomplish the rest of you list.

Penn State Learning

I plan to try to use a planner to try to stay more organized. I also plan to call ahead if i need to talk to someone and make a meeting. I really want to try to get rid of all my time wasters. I also want to try to make a list of how many hours i spend of different events and how much time i need to spend on each class.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


A PLN was something that I wasn’t a big fan of at first after experiencing how easy symbaloo makes is to access all of your favorite web sites. The personal learning network has really grown on me. Social media has allowed us to grow with applications such as symbaloo we can stay connected easy, and quicker than ever. Another cool feature is it allows us to connect with people from around the world with the same interest. This is a very helpful way to stay organized not only with my personal life, but my teaching career as well.